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Jeremy Castro

[email protected]

Remote Office Hours: 10 am- 6 pm on All School Days


To all my students,

     I know this is a challenging and frustrating time. I urge you all to try your best to stay positive and to stay safe. Although it may not seem like it now, things will get back to normal. I want everyone to know they can still reach out to me if you are feeling overwhelmed, unsafe, or just need to talk to someone. I check my email daily and you are still welcome to fill out a request for a meeting on our homepage. While I can't sit down with you in person, I will do my best to make sure you get any help you may need. I have listed some resources below for anyone that may be in need. I miss interacting with everyone and look forward to when I can work with you all again. 



Community Mental Health Resources
Mount Carroll -   Sinissippi Centers -  24 hr crisis line (800) 242 7642
Mount Carroll -  Riverview Center