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MS Extracurricular
MS Sports, Clubs, and Activities Staff Listing:
MS Athletic Director Dan Beck                   [email protected]
MS Cheerleader Advisor Deb Manninen            [email protected]
MS 7th Grade Volleyball Deb Manninen            [email protected]
MS 8th Grade Volleyball Natalie O'Connor        [email protected]
MS 7th Grade Boys Basketball Reid Law
MS 8th Grade Boys Basketball Tom Hoch
MS 7th Grade Girls Basketball Jena Sedivy                 [email protected]
MS 8th Grade Girls Basketball Paul Kaczmarksi
MS Wrestling Jeremy Castro              [email protected]
MS Boys Track Chris McDermott
MS Girls Track Salinda Belander          [email protected]
MS 7th and 8th Grade Quiz Bowl Cole Havens                 [email protected]
MS Student Council Cole Havens                 [email protected]
MS Vocal Music Denise Deter                 [email protected]
MS Instrumental Music Emily Bressler               [email protected]
MS Drama Club Jeannie King                  [email protected]